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New Bo Bikes
Open Saturdays 11 am to 5 pm
39 16th Ave SW Cedar Rapids Iowa

New Bo Bikes is a non-profit 501(c)3 all volunteer organization dedicated to keeping bicycles out of landfills by reusing, recycling and repurposing bicycles. There is no reason to bury metal consumer items in dirt for ages when they can be recycled or put to use in other ways. We are informed that recycling metals uses less energy than digging up new ores, transporting and refining to make new steel and aluminum. Other programs have been run in the past: "Rent a Stand", "Build a Bike", "Safe Cycling", "How to fix bikes", etc. But those programs depend on volunteers willing to run those programs. New Bo Bikes is registered with the IRS and the State of Iowa.

Volunteers are welcome on Saturdays. There are many tasks that don't always require extensive bicycle repair knowledge. Checking in newly donated bicycles, sorting parts and inner tubes, sales, opening up in the morning, closing up in the evening, shoveling snow in the winter, occasional building repair, etc. Special events in Czech Village call for extra help. Houby Days, parades, Halloween, etc. Parents of underage volunteers need to know we have a don't ask, don't tell policy for volunteers. Volunteers earn credits for parts and unrepaired bicycles. We do teach our volunteers. Learning to repair bicycles doesn't happen in a few hours or days, it takes years. We usually start inexperienced volunteers with dismantling bikes for scrap to learn which tools to use (bike repair is all about special tools) and how to use them. With new styles of bikes coming out all the time, it is a never ending learning process.

Donations are tax deductible (if you itemize on your tax forms). Bicycles in better shape are tuned up for sale or donation. Our funding comes from the sales of bicycles, parts and accessories so we are completely self supporting. No outside money from grants are needed. We work with several other charities to provide bicycles: Toys for Tots for their annual toy giveaway in December, the local R.I.S.E program, bikes have been sent to The Congo working with United We March Forward and other countries working with Working Bikes in Chicago. Bicycles deemed not worthy are dismantled for recycling the steel and aluminum. Good parts are kept in stock for repairing other bicycles. Open most Saturdays except in really bad weather. Donations of anything bicycle related are accepted Saturdays. (and food around lunch time) Receipts will be issued for all bicycles and monetary donations. And for parts upon request.

Current Board of Directors
Mikey Frondle Vice President
Rick Paulos Treasurer and store manager
Susan Benderson Secretary

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